Today was Shattuck’s first day to attend St. Johns Episcopal Church and was also the Kirking of the Tartans.  The Wolf River Pipes and Drums were present.  Shattuck loved the bagpipes.

This is a picture of cousin Grant Hopkins and Shattuck.  Grant’s Grandfather was Cooper Adams who was the brother of Shattuck’s Great Grandfather and namesake William Shattuck Adams.

Presentation and Dedication of the Tartans

  On behalf of all Scots in all land and Clansfolk here represented, we ask you to present your tartans before Almighty God and seek God’s blessing.

People: For all who have lived and died bearing the tartan and have bequethed to us our Scottish heritage, we give thanks to Almighty God and all who love them.

Honoring the Clans

Celebrant:  Almighty God, we rejoice in the opportunity to dedicate to Thee these tartans as symbols of the unwavering loyalty, steadfast faith, and great achievements of our Scottish fore bears.  We take pride in their rugged individualism, their respect for law and order, their hatred of cant and hypocrisy, their regard for human personality, and their belief in the equality of all people before thee.  Grant, O God, that we, too, may ever be true to the faith which has played such a great part in the building of our beloved land.  Use us and all Thy servants everywhere, we pray Thee, to bring peace and good will, equality and justice to all throughout the world.  In the name of the Prince of Peace, even Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Bruce and Janie Hopkins with Shattuck in the St. Johns naive.

Brent Duke and Shattuck

Oscar, Lale, and Shattuck on the front steps of St. Johns Episcopal Church