Mary Kirk Adams (Birthday)

July 5, 2011 – Lale and I go to the hospital to have the baby.  I had just arrived the night before with Shattuck from Alexandra Adams’ wedding at Pawley’s Island.  After a long night at the wedding, I had to take Shattuck through the airport in Charleston – stop over in Washington, DC – and then to Memphis.  If we had taken the more direct flight through Atlanta, I may not have made it…. all of the flights had been canceled.

I spent the morning looking up family names for a boy.

Mary Kirk Adams’ first photo.  The doctor wasn’t paying attention when she was born and told me she was a boy… for a split second my mind told me I had two sons… then he said… a 1/2 second later… ‘excuse me… I meant girl…’
Shattuck meets his little sister for the first time… he doesn’t know what to think…