Shattuck and his father have a fun place to play within the Botanic Gardens.  It’s hard to find and is a long journey from home.  Shattuck is on his way to his Special Place.

The first part of any journey begins with gathering supplies.

You have to plenty of grass and sticks to make this long journey.

Once the supplies were gathered, it was time to head off to Shattuck’s Special Place.

Shattuck first has to go through the woods.
There is a trail for Shattuck to follow.

Which way to go?

Shattuck knows where to go.

Shattuck had to pass by the Greek God Poseidon.  Poseidon let Shattuck pass while holding back the wild swans (the swans can be very ugly).
The path the Shattuck’s Special Place took him into the land of Gooses.
Shattuck laughed… because the gooses are a silly folk.  They flap their wings to show how brave they are… as they run away.
The koi pond is full of large koi fish… some are as big as Shattuck.
Shattuck likes to throw food to the Koi fish as he crosses the big, red bridge.

Shattuck’s journey is almost done.  He must walk along the levee.

The levee holds back thousands of gallons of water that would flood Shattuck’s special place if it were to break.  It’s a solid levee, so Shattuck isn’t worried.
Finally Shattuck makes it to his Special Place.  The land between the Magnolia Trees.
He loves to play here.
It’s one
of his favorite places.
Shattuck plays and plays and plays…
…until it’s time to go home.  Shattuck enjoys his journey to his Special Place, but when it’s time to go home… he likes to ride on his Father’s shoulders.