Shattuck went to Batesville, MS Saturday to help move some things out of his Great Grandmother’s home up to her in Memphis.

This home was built by Shattuck’s Great Great Great Grandfather.  His Great Grandmother Martha Polk Pearson was born in this home.  When it was built, her Grandfather owned the entire block.  Where the home on the right is now, there was a grass tennis court.  The home was added on to in the 1950’s to make room for Shattuck’s Grandmother Signe and his Great Uncle Gene Pearson.
Shattuck played on the front porch where his Father, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother played as children.  
Shattuck and Papa Jim went down the street to buy a slush and a hot dog at the hamburger stand on the square.  He devoured the hot dog on his way back.
When I was a little boy, my father and I went to Corinth, MS to move things out of my Great Grandmother’s home before it was turned into a parking lot for the local Baptist Church.  I remember taking the Organ.  Even today I see things we brought home from that trip in the early 1980’s and those things are special to me.
Shattuck and Papa played peek-a-boo from the slot in the hall.  This was installed to the upstairs room so that the one phone installed in the 1960s could be shared between the downstairs (Uncle Gene’s) room and the upstairs (Grandmother Signe’s Room).
The hallway was lined with the blue prints.