Last week, we had Shattuck’s Great Great Grandmother’s painting cleaned.  I googled her name to see if I could find anything about her art club.  A recent article from The Daily Corinthian said one of her paintings was being auctioned at a home tour.   The date was last weekend.  I was disappointed until I learned the show / auction had been postponed until this weekend.   I drove through the storm we were experiencing in Memphis to make sure I bought it.  This painting reminds me of being in Rosedale, MS at Granny’s house in the early 1980’s.  I hope Shattuck likes it.
I picked up this one as well entitled ‘Pittsburg Landing – Shiloh’ by artist Tom Booth.  Tom was born in Northampton, England and came to the United States in 1957.  He has lived in London, Toronto, Los Angles, Portland, Frankfurt, Chicago, Denver and Corinth.  Tom became and American citizen after moving to Corinth.

Tom Booth’s art reflects his view of reality –

In this basic black universe, here we fortunate find ourselves on a rare sapphire
of a planet 8 light minutes away from a mediocre star whose light makes this place,
whether slum or mountain peak,absolutely beautiful.

An artist member of Chicago’s prestigious Palette and Chisel Club and the Denver Art Student League. Tom, up until he moved to Corinth, made his home in Denver, CO.  The beauties of ‘this place’ are reflected in his paintings of the American West resting in the afterglow of the frontier and it’s Heros.  As he says, “To a painter, the West is just as magnificent today as when Bierstadt and Morgan painted it a hundred and thirty years ago.  As a resident of Corinth, Tom vivid green landscapes as well as Civil War architecture of Mississippi.  His paintings hang today in many business and private collections in the USA and England.

Shattuck is getting ready for Church.

St. John’s Episcopal Church has the sweetest people in it’s Mother’s Day Out.  Shattuck loves going twice a week.
The St. John’s Mother’s Day Out Toddler Tattle (04/30/3010):

Shattuck has gotten to be so busy.  Today he was put in time out for fighting and
know he start yelling at us.   He stuck his finger out like he meant and went to
talking.  We couldn’t understand what he was saying but Eve truly new he meant
it.  He made everyone start laughing.  He truly can bring the sun out on a cloudy
day.  You guys have a lovely weekend.  Ms. Tameka