Shattuck’s first Christmas Eve was in Rosedale, MS.  He attended his old family Church… Grace Episcopal Church.

This is a video taken outside Grace Episcopal Church in the late 1940s during the baptism of Johnston Cooper Adams from Memphis, son of Cooper and Sue Adams.

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Grace Church has one of the most beautiful stain glass windows.  The history of where the window came from is unknown to me.  I spent many Sunday’s listening to my Grandfather read from the lectern.

The stain glass window behind Shattuck is in memory of Bessie Shattuck Kirk died 1896 and Albert (Allee) Leonidas Kirk died 1894.  Bessie Shattuck Kirk is William Shattuck’s great great great Grandmother.  She was married to John Melchoir Kirk and lived on Waxhaw plantation.

Bessie Shattuck Kirk born in Woodville, MS April 16th, 1867 and died July 26, 1896.

Shattuck went to see his Great Grandmother Nancy Gray Adams (Nan) after Church Christmas Eve.