Shattuck, Lale and I went out for dinner tonight.  Unusual for us to go out… but necessary.  Why?  Because neither of us wanted to cook.


We decided to go to ‘The Kitchen’ on Brookhaven circle. I have searched far and wide for a real German Schnitzel,  but… as we learned in the Wizard of Oz… one only needs to look in their own backyard to find what they are looking for… unless you are West Lewis, Sr… then you have to go to Oz to find your pair of ruby slippers.


On previous travels to Europe, I sought out only one entrée… German Pork Schnitzel… I love a slightly breaded Schnitzel with a lemon, mash potatoes, and… of course… a German Bier (no I didn’t misspell it this time).


Lale and Shattuck both loved ‘The Kitchen’.


(the below pics were taken in lower Germany 2004 AD)


When we arrived home, Shattuck sat in bed and read his books.

I picked Shattuck up… and he butted my head… thanks little Bruiser.