Anne Hartmann Lewis had her 4th Birthday at Sweet and Sassy.

A.H. started by picking out her Princess outfit, then her hair was done by the Professionals, next her nails were painted, and then it was on to her studies of how a proper Princess behaves.  She and her friends learned to wave, curtsey, and smile like a Princess.  Once they completed these tasks…. they recieved a certificate that they were Princesses for life… and they recieved wands… so they were actually magic Princesses… and they got to eat a Princess cake… that A.H. designed… I don’t have a picture, but you can use your imagination.

All-in-all… it was a great birthday!!!!

The girls were disrupting West Jr.’s game of playing with Fire Trucks on the stage.

Good thing we had our Safety Ranger (a.k.a West Jr.) watching out for us.