International soccer star Anne Hartmann took some time off of her busy sports schedule to take us to her school for a fall party.

Shattuck didn’t really know what to expect at the invitation to go to an all girls school party.

A.H. performed with her cotton candy….

Then took some time to join the others for a little adventure slide (just to let the other know she’s just like them… and not a famed super soccer star)…

The men… realizing they were deep DEEP behind enemy lines… remained very still in the hopes that the hundreds of pre-K girls wouldn’t notice them and force them to play the ‘girl’ games… for if they were ever spotted… not man in their right mind would risk capture coming onto this campus for a rescue.  Good luck men.

A.H. stopped for a brief moment to sign autographs.

Shattuck has no idea how many time’s he going to try to sneek back on this campus later in life…