Shattuck and I woke up this morning around 5:00am for breakfast.  His mother took out the dogs… then she went online looking for today’s estate sales (you have to start early to get the good stuff – Saturdays around Memphis are a mad dash for people looting former estates).

She noticed an estate sale in Corinth, MS.  The location of the home was not too far from my Great Grandparents home where William Shattuck Adams, Sr. grew up (the house was actually next to the old Liddon home).  Three of the paintings looked very similar to Granny’s paintings, so I decided I’d take Shattuck down to Corinth for breakfast to investigate.  Turns out they were not hers but most likely a student’s.

We decided to make the rest of the day a day for exploration.

First we stopped by the old Adams gravesite in Henry Cemetary in Corinth.  Shattuck’s Great Great Great Grandfather William Thomas Adams is the oldest gravestone in the plot (born Oct. 18, 1853 died Jan. 30, 1939)

We went into town for breakfast.  We parked next to the town courthouse.   Corinth is a nice little town.  Like Oxford without all of the damage done my wealthy, trial lawyers from Jackson, MS who destroy everything they touch.

Across from the Court House is Shattuck’s Great Great Grandfather’s W.C. ‘Chubby’ Adams office.

We decided to head South next.  We went to the town to Rienzi, MS where William Thomas Adams grew up.

We went 7 miles East of Rienzi to the old Courthouse that dates back to 1854 and was the county seat before the Civil War.  It was going to be torn down a few years ago but a local Doctor paid to have it saved and restored.

Afterwards, we headed to Oxford, MS for lunch.  Shattuck and I walked into the Bottle Tree Bakery.  The same people are working there from when I was in College 10 years ago.  It was packed with freshmen and sophmore girls.  They stared at Shattuck the entire time.  I should rent him to College guys looking to get a date because he was a real hit.