When I came home today, Shattuck was in his crib playing with his rattle.  He was cooing at the toy as he played with it as if he were having a conversation.  Then he noticed me… that is when his eyes lit up and he started smiling.  We took a walk around The Village with Fletcher.

During the walk, Fletcher ran into Duffy… the other male Westie in the neighborhood.  They kept their distance from each other.  Fletcher crouched to his belly, and Duffy started stamping and kicking is back feet… tearing up the ground… and strutting around like a raging bull.  Shattuck’s head went back and forth watching these two posture.  Then he let out a yell as if to say, ‘let’s get this battle started’.  In the end, the matador and the bull just sniffed each other and lost interest.  Our walks are always an adventure.