Saturday morning Shattuck and I laid in bed.  He was asleep on my chest so I didn’t want to wake him.  Fletcher jumped on the bed after going outside for his morning routine.   He cautiously walked up next to Shattuck and me and curled up leaning slightly on Shattuck with his face towards the door and his ears up.  It was like watching a security guard walking into his office ready for a days work.  Now I really didn’t want to disturb this group by getting up…. but… thats when we smelled the Belgian waffles cooking on Lale’s new waffle iron.  The aroma coming from the kitchen immediately disbursed all of us (I carried Shattuck… Fletcher ran ahead to locate the source of this smell).  Fletcher, Shattuck, and I reorganized in the kitchen to see if we could be of any help.  Wow!  Belgian waffles are really great… sorry Shattuck… you’ll have to wait until your teeth arrive.  Fletcher is sitting next to the fire looking fat and happy… he’s going to be one lazy security guard dog today.

One a progress note:  Shattuck is starting to target and track figures walking across the room with his eyes.  He especially likes to focus on the animals rotating on the mobile above his swing.